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The LPS 2023 Gift Guide

'Tis the season to sleigh your skincare game!

🎁 Our 2023 holiday gift guide is the ultimate treasure chest for radiant, happy skin. Say goodbye to ho-ho-horrible gifts and hello to glowing faces! We've sorted our guide to cater to everyone—whether you're shopping under $50 or aiming for the lavish, luxe gifts over $50. From skin tools that'll make your complexion sing to masks that'll give you that 'just left the spa' feeling, we've curated the perfect lineup.

No more stressing about what to gift—this guide will make you the MVP of skincare gifting. So, unwrap the joy of flawless gifting and spread the glow this holiday season! 🌟✨

When in doubt, let the glow getter choose their own sparkle!

🎁 Our gift cards are the VIP passes to the skincare wonderland—pick your amount, print it out (or zap it through the digital chimney), and watch them shine brighter than Rudolph's nose on Christmas night!

Still tangled in the tinsel of gift-giving indecision?

Fear not, dear babes! Our Skin Fairy is here to sprinkle some magic and help you find that perfect gift! Reach out for a touch of guidance and help with answering any of your product questions.

Happy gifting, babes! ✨🎁

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