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Lemon Lightening Serum

Lemon Lightening Serum


Your skin will thank you after you introduce it to this serum's lightening trifecta approach. You will noticeably see sunspots, hyperpigmentation, redness, and inflammation fade away thanks to the natural lighteners and skin brighteners.



  • Decreases skin’s tendency for pigmentation by inhibiting melanin 
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots or pigmentation
  • Reduces redness/inflammation
  •  Helps to diminish acne lesions
  •  Leaves complexion appearing more even & bright
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  • How To Use

    Apply a pea-sized amount to cleansed and toned face and neck morning and evening to even complexion. When layering serums, begin with the thinnest consistency and finish with the thickest.

  • Key Ingredients

    Hexylresorcinol- four times more effective than 2% hydroquinone without the side effects, making it safe for daily use 

    Azelaic Acid- battles pore-infecting bacteria with a gentle acid while combating hyperpigmentation which reduces melanin production 

    Lightening Potion- contains gooseberry, arbutin, licorice & mulberry- all natural lighteners & brighteners 

    Squalane- balances oil production by mimicking the skin’s acid mantle while also reducing inflammation, soothing skin irritation & improving elasticity 

    Oligopeptide-51 – this peptide contains 11 amino acids that strengthen the skin’s barrier, with lightening & brightening properties to prevent photo-aging & age spots

    DermbriteTM- this compound inhibits melanin synthesis, controlling melanin formation 

    Phyenylethyl Resorcinol- effective antioxidant that lightens the skin by influencing the form of pigmentation 

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